Need for Elder Day Care


Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC deliver a relevant and practical plan of execution for faith-based church owned elder day care.

Demand for adult day care is growing rapidly.   With knowledgeable management, it can be a profitable business that offers the church an opportunity to expand and/or start an outreach ministry that more than pays for itself.  The church is in a unique position to empower older adults with disabilities and lighten the burden of family members who are trying to fulfill their responsibilities to elder relatives, immediate family, and employer, all at the same time.

The population of older adults is consistently growing, with an estimated 38,000 adult 65 and older with a disability who reside in Marion County.  The elderly aging in place existence is rich in spirituality and humanity; their own history, family roots, social bonds, and occupational experience are the light of the church.  They are likely to attend a faith-based elder day care center that practices Christian Principles and a holistic approach to a better quality of life.


Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC –

…looks forward to building a long-term business partnership with your church, so together we can empower and enrich the lives of our beloved elder church members.

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Janet Y. Mackins, Founder/President



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