Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC & Silver Citizens Inc.

Older Adults Day Services/Programming Consulting... Faith-based community older adults day services with a faith infused programming model, that incorporates Christian principles, holistic approach and promotes a balanced lifestyle for older adults to live with optimism, hope, and dignity. Our mission is to help combat social isolation and loneliness among older adults, veterans, and unpaid caregivers where they can be influenced by culture and the arts through social wellness programs.

Facility Assessment

Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC conduct and document a facility-wide assessment to determine certification requirements to plan and start elder day care business.

Organization Development

Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC consulting services institute various positive business methods to determine an appropriate plan designed for the client’s mission.

Business Development

Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC consulting services create relevant and practical plan of execution to identify and address barrier concerns, challenges, needs and implement reasonable solution to which plays a crucial role to reach goals in the growth and success for profitable and sustainable elder day business. We define target customer, write a business plan and set up operations and systems for the client.

Funds Development

Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC consulting services, review and recommend fundraising strategies related to individual giving, foundation grants, business donations, and work with client’s Board to develop strategies to create revenue raising, strengthening the Board’s role in fund raising, and to implement plans to meet budget goals.

Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC & Silver Citizens Inc. Synergy

Synergy for Natural Holistic Lifestyle Changes! "We believe that one of the most sufficient components to quality of life is human connections among naturally occurring retirement community, where older adults are aging in place…We achieve and influence a type of social wellness programs of lifestyle living by building new community connections One Silver Citizens at a time.” We are on the move and making an impact in the community to help bridge the gap between the underserved elderly people and social isolation. The Silver Citizens Social Wellness Program is a logical reasonable solution to meet the needs of aging in place, and the best tools to prevent health challenges and delay or prevent institutionalization long-term care. Mind-Body-Soul Connection LLC and Silver Citizens Inc. works comprehensively in ways that provides help for caregivers to manage the responsibility of caregiving and help the elderly to enhance their quality of life, rekindle family relationships. And to live stages of their life with optimism, hope and dignity. To learn more to design a solution for the needs of the elderly aging in place. Please call: -Janet @ 317-345-2720 or email: janet@connect2mbs.com

Reasonable Solution

Churches have been a trusted source of human services in their communities for decades.  A faith-based, church-operated elder day care, not only provides a reasonable solution for older adults with disabilities to remain in the community and stay connected with church family and family-members, but generates a source of revenue for the churches. Mind-Body-Soul Connection […]

Demand For Elder Day Care

Demand for elder day care is growing rapidly.  With knowledgeable management, it can be a profitable business that offers the church an opportunity to start or expand an outreach ministry that more than pays for itself.  The church is in a unique position to empower older adults with disabilities and lighten the burden of family […]

Churches In The Community

The church has been the backbone in the community for decades. DO YOU BELIEVE… It is vital for the church to take on the responsibility to help their elderly congregation and the community to live this stage of their life with optimism, hope and dignity? The elderly existence is rich in spirituality and humanity; their […]